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Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

Pet Sitting Services

Everyone goes on vacation.  Unfortunately for our furry friends we can’t always take them with us.  Taking your pets to a kennel can be very stressful on your animals.  Why not let them stay at home and have one of our professional pet companions care for them in the comfort of their own surroundings?  There may be concerns about having a stranger in your house/  Our meet and greets will give you a chance to meet the person who will be in your home and give you an opportunity to answer any questions you might have.

Once a day check ins are great for independent animals, like cats and small animals.  We stop in once a day just to make sure all the pets' needs are taken care of.  Feed them, clean litter boxes, provide a friendly lap, whatever is needed.  

Once a day care: $22*


Are you worried your dog isn’t getting the exercise they need?  Do you live in an apartment?  Do you work long hours?  Whether it's daily or every now and again our professional pet companions can make sure your dogs are getting the exercise and stimulation they need.


Once a day care: $22*

Twice a day visits are for pets who need a bit more attention.  Maybe you have a dog that needs more attention and exercise, or maybe you just want someone there to keep your kitty company.  

Twice a day care: $40*

Are you afraid of leaving your pets at home unattended but you don’t like the idea of someone sleeping in your home?  Maybe you have a low maintenance dog who needs to stretch their legs a few times a day.  We can be at your house three times a day to make sure that your pets have the utmost of care.  


Three times a day care: $60*


The first few nights of owners being gone are the most stressful.  Our care providers spend the night with your pet to assure them they aren’t alone.  Overnight care also includes more care and attention during the day.  We don’t just stay the night, we live with your pets to make sure all of your animals' needs are taken care of.  

Overnight care: $100* 

*There may be additional charges for multiple pet households, medications and injection, holidays, holiday weekends and services needed within seven days or less from date of call.  Please call for quote.

We can care for your small animals such as hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, ect.  We also handle reptiles and birds (even parrots).


We even come to farms!  We'll take care of horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and more!

If we do not have experience with the type of pet you have we will be completely honest.  We would rather refer you to someone who understands the care they require.


Most exotic pets are the fee of once a day or twice a day, unless it's a pocket pet we can take to our own house to care for.  Call for exact quote.


A free consultation is required in order to give any pricing for care of horses or other farm animals.

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