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Courses for the more extreme behavior cases

We love working with the dogs it seems a little harder to reach mentally.  We teach you how to read and understand your dog to better help through the desensitization process correctly.  We specialize in fear related responses and separation anxiety.  Fight or flight, every reaction is caused by an emotion, change how your dog views the stressful situation and you can change how they respond.  Maybe your dog is aggressive when you try to groom them or they've become fearful when people come over.  Maybe you're worried your dog is going to bite someone, or maybe you were told to contact us because they have already.  We can make a course around what you and your dog need to be more safe both in the home and out in public.  We also offer a free online stress free muzzle training class.

The courses listed cover the average cases we work with, some cases require more practice to achieve desired results depending on severity and length of the time behavior has been displayed.  Both the trainer and owner can reassess if more practice is desired at the end of the course.  Sessions can be purchased in packages or individually.  Although we can offer advice to long distance clients with behavioral concerns, we only offer behavioral training courses to clients within our service area, we need to be able to meet the dog, see the behavior and watch how the training plan is implemented by the owner to know everyone is staying safe and properly desensitizing without using harmful or outdated methods.  We work to desensitize reactive dogs who have been trained on prong collars, however we no longer undo aggression caused by other trainers who have used electric collars, please contact a veterinary behaviorist.

Hybrid Behavioral Training

Our hybrid behavioral course gives you the chance to learn some basic information while coaching you how to teach basic cues that will help with the desensitization process once we start working in person.  This program goes faster than us teaching everything in person since chances are your dog needs to form a better one on one bond with you before adding any new stressful stimuli.

We want you to understand your dog's behavior, why they are responding a certain way and how to help your dog choose a different way to respond during stressful situations.  Our hybrid course has 9 online sessions and 12 in person sessions.  It also

gives you access to all of our other online courses, we want you to learn as much as you can to help your dog.  

Approximate 5-6 month program with 9 online sessions and 12 in person sessions $2,180

$1,940 when paying at first session


In Person Behavioral Training

Same as our hybrid course option, we teach you to understand your dog's behavior, why they are responding a certain way and how to help your dog choose a different way to respond during stressful situations.

Working in person for the whole training process typically takes longer for most dogs needing more intense behavioral training than our hybrid course option.  Most need to improve or repair the bond between them and their owners before we can start properly working with them.

Approximate 8-9 month program with 30 in person sessions and access to our online courses $4,950

$4,350 when paying at first session

Board and Train Program

Board and Train services are available for dogs who are fearful or shutdown, however we do not currently offer board and train services for potentially aggressive dogs.  Acceptance into our board and train program can only be determined by the trainer taking on your case.  A consultation will be required before we can give an estimate if we feel your dog can join the program.

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