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Meet the Team


Jen Lyons

Jen as been in the animal care field for over 20 years.  She started her career with large animals before transitioning to small animals.  She's been a veterinary technician for almost 20 years and will still sometimes fill in at a few local vets.  After working in rescue for over 10 years and attending obedience classes with a previous dog she focused her career in animal behavior.  She's completed her ABCDT certification (Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer) and her CPDT-KA certification (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed). 


She enjoys working with shy dogs and dogs with anxiety.  She's taken a special interest in working with dogs to overcome separation anxiety.  She currently has a rescue Shiba Inu named Kaylee who has overcome handling issues and leash reactivity.  Kaylee will sometimes come to client's homes to help with training.


Kathy Evans


Kathy has been interested in dog training and the canine human bond since getting her first dog at 10 years old.  She's a positive reinforcement and clicker trainer who has worked with dogs in a shelter for 13 years.  She apprenticed for much of that time under a CPDT staff member.  She provided introductory training for new volunteers and advanced skill classes for experienced volunteers. 


She's trained her own dogs in obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Agility and Canine Sports.  She's currently providing in-home training and group classes.  Kathy enjoys staying up to date on current training methods by reading, attending Clicker Expo, seminars and has completed her CPDT-KA certification (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed).

Amanda Toby.jpg

Amanda Wilicki

Since a very young age, Amanda has been involved in the animal care field and exposed to various types of animals. Finding a passion for horseback riding at the age of 7, she learned all about animal care and farm management from some of Bucks County's finest horsewomen.


Amanda moved to a small Virginia town to attend college. It was there that she became involved in a local animal shelter and learned about the region's unfortunate dog dynamic. One dog in particular she found tick infested and roaming the streets during a severe thunderstorm. Amanda ended up formally adopting the little three-legged beagle/hound mix named Toby. Her experiences with Toby and those in the local shelter, opened up doors for pet-sitting while she was at college since Amanda received a reputation of animal lover and caretaker.


After graduating from Longwood University, Amanda moved back home to Bucks County where she continues her equestrian work and also joined the Lyons Pride team. Currently, Amanda pet-sits throughout the Bucks County area and expands her knowledge in dog training by learning from and assisting Jen with various clients.


Derek Nordlund

Derek has been working with animals in one shape or another his whole life.  Having a menagerie of different pets as a kid, Snakes, Frogs, Cats, Dogs, he learned from a young age how to care for them.  Later on taking a job working at Petco, Derek learned even more about an even wider range or pets and how to care for them.  

Derek has been around since the beginning of Lyons Pride Training, helping to get the business up and running.  He left briefly to persue employment in technology but is now back as a full time pet sitter and office manager.  

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