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Rambunctious Pup Courses

These courses are for puppies and dogs of any age.  Great for dogs who are overly social, overly excited, lack self control or personal space, jump or mouth on visitors or family, considered to have high arousal, dart out of doors, are difficult to walk on a leash without distractions or  excitedly pull and vocalize towards people or other dogs while walking on leash.  They do not cover how to desensitize a dog who is reactive towards people, cars or other animals.

We teach you so much more than just some cues to manage behaviors, we go over how your dog thinks and how to teach them what behavior you're looking for.  Rather than focus on telling your dog to respond to cues after they preform an undesired behavior we teach you how to show them what behavior you're looking for.  The result is a stronger bond between you and your dog with a dog who willingly offers behaviors before needing to be told what to do.

We not only teach behaviors and cues to help with behavior and teach your dog how to offer better responses we also teach you how dogs learn through luring, shaping and capturing wanted behaviors.  We go over motivators and how to use them, why we don't punish unwanted behavior, how to socialize a puppy or dog of any age by creating positive associations and building a strong bond with their owners​, switching cues to every day behaviors and proofing the behaviors so they are natural responses.

Training can be done in person, online or a combination of both depending on your preference.  Training can be done once or twice a week depending on everyone's schedules.

Consultations are $100 and are scheduled for an hour and a half to two hours depending on what behaviors are already being seen by the owner.  Pricing for each customized training program vary based on training goals and severity of the behaviors.

Training Costs: 

Consultation $100

Online Courses $50 per hour

In-Person Courses $75 per hour

Board and Train Program ~ To Be Determined, please speak with one of our trainers for an estimate before consultation.  Not every dog can be invited into out Board and Train program.

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