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Lyons Pride

Modern Pet Training Serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties 


We believe training starts with understanding your dog and how they learn.  We understand each dog and person are individuals who learn differently and work with everyone to better communicate together to learn new things, whether that’s a new cue or how to pick a more desirable behavior.  We teach anything from basic to advanced cues and specialize in dog to human reactivity, dog to dog reactivity and separation anxiety.

In Person Training

Child Playing with Dog

This free three session online course is perfect for first time puppy owners or experienced dog owners.  We’ll discuss how dogs learn, how to properly socialize your puppy around people and other dogs, house training, how to handle mouthing and jumping, and how to get your puppy used to being handled.

Raise Your Puppy Right

Our certified trainers build a training plan around your training goals as well as our observations.  Whether you just need to teach your dog basic cues or your dog is showing concerning behavior we implement a training plan to get everyone understanding each other better.

Virtual or Hybrid Learning

Not in the area or have a behavior that is difficult to desensitize when someone is visiting such as separation anxiety?  You’d be surprised how much we can teach you and your dog virtually.

Sleeping Dogs

Pet Sitting Services

Looking to go away or need someone to walk your dog when you’re at work?  We offer pet sitting and dog walking services for parts of Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

We're a small business, to talk directly to one of our trainers please set up an appointment by clicking Book Now.

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