Private Training Services

At Lyons Pride Training we understand that "the perfect dog" is different for each person.  That's why we design a training plan based on what you wish to achieve.  We come out to your home for a consultation to meet you and your pet.  We'll observe the behaviors to get an idea of what type of solution would be best for you, your pet and your home.  We also understand that every pet has a different personality.  Everyone knows its not too effective to try to turn an active working breed into a couch potato, but we can help you learn how to use your dogs personality productively to become a well mannered, relaxed member of the family.

Don't forget the cats!  Lyons Pride Training has one of the only certified cat trainers in the area!  We can help with common behavior problems or even teach your cat some tricks!  Cats are great pets that tend to be lower maintenance but when a behavior problem happens it can cause the house to be stressed.  We can help figure out your cat's behavior and develop solutions to resolve the behavior.

Dog Training
First Time Owner

Never have a pet before?  We'll teach you the basics from the ground up.


Beginner Basics

You're no stranger to dog ownership but your new friend needs to learn some commands and/or manners.



Your best friend already knows the basics but you'd love to teach him some new tricks to keep his mind stay fresh and show off to others.


Whether it's in the home, on the leash or in public wouldn't it be nice to have your dog act well mannered?



Wouldn't it be so much less stressful if your dog would just let you clip his nails or clean his ears without needing to muzzle, pin him down or work up a sweat?


Behavior Modification
Living with a dog that has behavior problems isn't fun.  We'll help you and your dog get on the same page so you can go back to enjoying pet ownership again.


Cat Training
Spraying and Litter box Issues

We'll get to the bottom of why your cat feels the need to mark or go to the bathroom outside of the box.  


Wouldn't it be nice to walk through your house without having a cat attach to your leg?


Tired of your furniture being torn to shreds?


Barely see that new cat you just brought home?

Other Behavior Modification
Let us know what kind of issue you're having and we'll see if we can help.


- Puppy & Dog Training

~Group & Private Classes
- Cat Training

~Behavior Modification

~Pet Sitting

~Dog Walking
- Medication Assistance


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Private Training Sessions

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