Second Chances ProgrAM
Our trainers have always been very involved in rescue.  We're looking to help even more dogs than previously.  We've developed the Second Chances Program for homeless animals in shelters and rescues to help boost their chances for adoption and increase the likelihood of them staying with their newly adopted family.
The Second Chances Program is an invite only program for rescues and shelters.  If you've received information on this program then your organization has been invited.  If you haven't received information on this program and are interested then please call to see if your organization qualifies.
We have one space per class for a dog who is currently in rescue.  We rotate between local rescues to give everyone a chance to participate.  A couple of weeks before a space is opening we will be in contact with the next rescue in the rotation.  This will give you time to pick which dog in your organization would benefit from training the most.
We've worked in rescue and know your time is limited.  We've made it easy for you to sign up. Fill out the form below, we'll confirm we've received your information and have added you to our rescue rotation.  Assign a contact person from your organization for us to communicate with when space is available.  The contact person will be responsible for choosing what dog gets the chance to attend class, signing that dog up for the class and providing vaccination history but can assign another staff member or volunteer to bring the dog to class.  
~We can't have aggressive dogs in class.  If the dog can't be safely taken to adoption events than a group setting is not for them.
~Distemper and Rabies are required.  Bordetella is recommended.
~The dog needs to be homeless and under the care of the organization, this includes foster homes who aren't planning on adopting the dog.
~The dog needs to have been under the care of the organization for at least two weeks to insure they aren't harboring anything contagious.  This includes all transfers, even if it was your organization who transferred the dog.
~Please be courteous and don't allow sick dogs to come to class.  Vomiting, diarrhea, coughing and hair loss will not be allowed to participate and may exclude your organization from the rotation in the future.


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