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Raise Your Puppy Right

We've seen a change in the behaviors of young adult dogs over the last couple of years so we created a short, free, online course to help owners set their new family member off on the right foot to becoming the best adult dog they can be.  This free three session online course is perfect for first time puppy owners or experienced dog owners.  

During this course we'll discuss:

  • How dogs learn so you and your new pup can get a head start on knowing when and how to reward to increase wanted behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors. 

  • How to properly socialize your new puppy without overwhelming them or allowing them to run up to, jump on or mouth on people.

  • House training (This is week two and you can sign up for just this session)

  • How to properly handle mouthing and jumping to grow a well mannered adult dog.

  • How to properly adjust your puppy to being handled all over.  Your dog should be comfortable handling their face, feet, ears, belly, tail, anywhere you, a vet or a groomer are going to need to handle.  No one wants to be the person with the caution dog at the vet or groomer.  


This free course is currently Tuesdays at 10:00 am, Thursdays 6:00 pm and Saturdays 3:00 pm.  You may sign up for each individual day and join the sessions weekly for three weeks or sign up for all three days during the week to get through the information within a week.  Send us a message when signing up so we can tell you what topics are being discussed at each session, topics are designed to go in order.

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