Puppy Training


A Certified Trainer will come to your home for a consultation.  The consults gives us the ability to meet with the family, hear everything about the new family member and understand what everyone would like to accomplish from training.  It also gives us the ability to observe the new family member's personality, body language and possibly even get to see any unwanted behaviors that need to be resolved.  After the consult we'll be able to develop a training plan based on everyone's needs.  

The consult costs $100 and normally takes between an hour and a half and two hours.  You will get a copy of all the notes discussed at the consult as well as the training plan.  Training sessions are an hour long once a week.  The number of sessions will depend on how many commands you would like to be taught as well as if there are any behavior problems that needs to be handled.  We can give you an estimate over the phone 215-896-7326 or we will give the exact cost and number of sessions needed after the consult is done and the training plan is developed.

New Puppy owner

Puppy Training


Congratulations on your new puppy!  We want you and your new pup to start off on the right foot.  Learn the basics of puppy care as well as training your new family member to become a well mannered adult dog.


During the consult we'll help walk you through how to best set up a safe area for your new puppy as well as develop a good routine to help with house training.  We'll go over any basic care questions you have as well as help you figure out what you would like to get out of training.  Many new owners know they want a well behaved adult dog but aren't always sure what commands would be best for their everyday life.

Sessions are once a week for an hour.  Number of sessions will depend on how many commands you would like to be taught.

Young Adult Basics

Your puppy is a little older now, they knows a good amount of commands but don't always listen. Sometimes it takes a few times of repeating a command before they respond?  Chances are their manners are a bit lacking.  Either they're new to you and need to learn the basics from the beginning or they needs a reminder coarse on how to listen the first time and behave in the house.


During the consult we'll meet you and your puppy to understand what types of behaviors you would like to address and what commands would make everyone's lives easier.


Get another puppy?  Congratulations!  Even though you've had a puppy before and know the basics it's probably been awhile and you may want a refresher coarse.  You forget a lot in between new puppies, also current training methods change as more research is done on how dogs learn and develop.


During the consult we'll get information to help develop a training plan for what you would like your new dog to learn. 

Sessions are once a week for an hour.  Number of sessions will depend on how many commands you would like to be taught.

Problem Puppy

Is your puppy showing behaviors that concern you such as growling, snapping, or guarding items? Aggression can be seen in puppies as young as 5 weeks old.  More and more puppies are displaying aggression and concerning behaviors due to puppy mills and breeders who breed for cuteness rather than temperament.  Any questionable behavior your puppy is displaying should be worked on as soon as possible to insure it is handled correctly and the problem does not escalate.


During the consult we'll get in-depth information to better understand why your puppy is displaying these unwanted behaviors in order to make a proper training plan to work them through the behavior modification process.



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