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Lets face it, at some point in their life your pet is going to need medication.  This may be an easy task for some people and their pets but not all animals take their medication without a struggle. Cats can be hard to pill and dogs can put up a fight to clean their ears.  Sometimes pets need fluid therapy when they get older and not all owners are comfortable with needles.  Taking your pet to the veterinarian each time to be medicated or treated is not only costly but also causes more stress.


This is where we come in.  If your pet is prescribed medication we can come to your house as needed to medicate your pet for you. If you'd like we'd even walk you through a few different techniques and teach you the easiest way for you to medicate your pet on your own.


Any type of treatments or medications must be recommended and/or prescribed by your veterinarian and be labeled with the proper dosage.




Oral Liquids

Subcutaneous Fluids



Eye Solutions and Ointments

Ear Cleaner

Ear Solutions and Ointments



Free consultation is required to determine price.  Determining factors are temperament of pet, type of medication and distance needed to travel.


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