Hybrid Learning

8 Virtual group classes, one 2 hour individual in person class, and two 1 hour individual in person classes    $375

8 classes will be a virtual group setting, that way you can learn basic cues from the comfort of your own home without the distractions of a stranger being present.  


The basics cues you will learn are:

  • Eye Contact

  • Sit

  • Leave It

  • Take It

  • Drop

  • Lay Down

  • Recall

  • Stay

  • Release Cue

There will be an in person 2 hour session where we will work on jumping, mouthing, how to socialize during Covid, and start learning the "leave it" and "take it" cues.  


There will also be two 1 hour in person sessions where we can work on any behavior problems your dog might have or any other cues you might want to learn.

In between sessions you will also have the ability to contact us with any questions you might have.