Independent Senior Services


Keep your independence and your best friend


We know getting older has it's struggles. You have enough to worry about with your own health and well being. Ever think what would happen to your pet if you were unable to take care of them for a little while? What if you went in the hospital tomorrow, who would take care of Fluffy?


Are you a family member of an aging loved one?  Having a family member going in and out of the hospital is stressful.  Many families realize their loved ones need their pets as companions during the day.  For many seniors it's their furry friends are who help them pass the time home alone.  Not all seniors have family close enough to help care for pets when the owner goes into the hospital.  We can take this stress off your back.


Pet Care

Don't worry, we'll take care of your pet until you get back up on your feet. No matter how many times you need us to check in we'll take care of you best friend as if they were ours.


We'll even come over just to clean the litter box or walk the dog.  No job is too small if it makes your life easier.


Pet Medicating Assistance

Does your pet need medication? Catching and holding your pet down to give them their medication often leads to scratches or even bite marks. Let our veterinary technician give your pet's medication for you.


Pick Up Services

Need more pet food, kitty litter or medication?  We'll pick up your pet items from the vet or store and bring them to you.



Light Grooming

Often when we get older our pet's grooming tends to be the first thing we push to the side. Grooming is a very important part of pet care, especially as our pets get older since they stop caring for themselves as well as they used to.


We offer brushing the under coat out to prevent shedding and matting, dematting and nail clipping to keep those claws from doing damage.



These Independent Senior Services are discounted for seniors with special circumstances.  Not all seniors qualify.  Please call for rates.


- Puppy & Dog Training

~Group & Private Classes
- Cat Training

~Behavior Modification

~Pet Sitting

~Dog Walking
- Medication Assistance


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10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Private Training Sessions

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