Group Classes

We are excited to be offering our group classes at a new location!  Come to the county to train you dog with Lyons Pride Training at Kruisin Kanines Training Center in New Hope!  We have two trainers per class to insure owners and dogs get the most one on one time with us.  Our trainers use positive reinforcement with focus on reading canine body language to insure dogs have a rewarding training and bonding experience.  Our classes are rotating, which means we can add you in to the group when you're ready to start.  This is also convenient for owners who have busy schedules.  You can come to class for consecutive sessions or skip a week and pick up where you left off!

Puppy Class

Our puppy class is great for puppies to learn basic commands and socialize with other puppies in a controlled environment.  Puppies in this class may range in age and size slightly but are grouped according to size, age and play style during socialization times.  For the best outcome, the General Socialization Period for dogs is 7-16 weeks.  If you have the ability to start classes during this time your puppy should grow into a well mannered and socialized adult dog.  Classes are held at Kruisin Kanine Training Center in New Hope in Ring 2.  Don't wait for a new class to start!  We want you to get started on the right foot as soon as possible, that's why we have a rotating class.  We can add you in when you're ready to start!

Date/Time: Thursdays 5:30

Length: 8 weeks

Cost: $240

Basic Manners

Our Manners class is designed for older puppies and adult dogs.  We'll be discussing common behavior problems and ways to manage the behavior as well as teaching useful commands to correct behaviors and have a well mannered dog.  Classes are held at Kruisin Kanine Training Center in New Hope in Ring 2.  Our classes are rotating so we can add you in when you're ready to start!


Date/Time: Thursdays 6:45

Length: 8 weeks

Cost: $240

Pack Walks

Learn the basics of proper loose leash walking.  Great for dogs who need to learn self control around people and other dogs.  We'll work you into the pack at a pace both you and your dog can handle.  This is not for dogs who are reactive to other dogs.  We'll have a consult with you and your dog to see if they are a good match for our pack walks.  If your dog is not ready to join the group we can set up private training sessions.  This is also good for dogs working towards CGC who need more practice around people and other dogs.  We have pack walks at several different parks in Bucks County and may rotate depending on location of people who join in.  Sign up for 6 walks of your choice!  Skip a week and pick back up when you're ready!

Length per sign up: 6 walks

Cost: $180

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We do not offer Agility, but do you know who does?  Kruisin  Kanines!  That's right, the place we are offering our group classes has an amazing agility course in Ring 1 with some amazing instructors!  Check them out!  Click the link below to leave our page and visit Kruisin Kanines.


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