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Our training classes are based around you and your dog's needs.  Whether your dog needs obedience from the ground up, you want to teach your old dog new tricks or your furry guy is causing a ruckus at home give us a call.  We can help you and your best friend see eye to eye and relieve the stress in the household.  One of our trainers will come to your home for a consultation and develop a training program that will best suit you and your dog.

The consult costs $100 and normally takes between an hour and a half and two hours.  You will get a copy of all the notes discussed at the consult as well as the training plan.  Training sessions are an hour long once a week.  The number of sessions will depend on how many commands you would like to be taught as well as if there are any behavior problems that needs to be handled.  We can give you an estimate over the phone 215-896-7326 or we will give the exact cost and number of sessions needed after the consult is done and the training plan is developed.

Basic Obedience

If your dog is new to you or he just never caught on to learning commands we'll help you pick what commands you would like your dog to know and train both of you on how to get the results.


During the consult we'll get an understanding of what you would like your dog to know or help give you ideas of what may be useful for issues you've mentioned.



Is your dog's manners lacking?  Do they jump all over you or pull you down the street?  Weather it's a dog who's never listened, an active rambunctious dog, a new dog who doesn't understand the rules in the new house or the dog who now has to live politely around children or seniors.  We'll not only teach you some quick fixes but teach self control and how to tire their brain for a well mannered dog.  


During the consult we'll get to see all the problem behaviors as they normally occur in order to develop the correct training plan to curb the unwanted behaviors.  

Behavior Management

Does your dog seem to run the house?  Are they always looking for a good time in the wrong places?  Do they jump on counters, steal objects or are they not completely house trained.  We'll help you and your dog get back on the same page so everyone can enjoy the house and play by the rules.

During the consult we'll hear and hopefully see some of the behaviors that are disrupting the household.  We'll get to understand your dog's personality to help provide insight in to what will be best while developing a training plan so everyone can live peacefully.

Advanced Commands

Your dog knows their commands, maybe even a little more then the traditional basics but you want to teach them more.  You want your dog to be the smartest dog on the block and show them off.  You understand that dogs need new mental stimulation and that any dog can learn new tricks.


During the consult we'll hear and see what your dog already knows and hear what you'd like to learn next.  Maybe you want to just have some fun and teach some new tricks, maybe you want your dog to help others and become CGC tested or Therapy Dog tested.



Does your dog growl or need to be muzzled at home or the vet to treat ear infections, clip nails or do any other type of treatments?  Is it upsetting to see just how stressed your dog is when they go to the vet?  We want to take the stress away from you and your dog.  We can help make normal handling more enjoyable for both of you and your dog.  We can help easy the tension for vet visits making it easier on your dog and the vet staff.


Behavior Modification

Are you seeing major behavioral problems such as growling, snapping, leash reactivity, leash aggression, fear issues or separation anxiety?  It's always best to address major behavior problems as soon as you can.

Aggression is serious and we will be honest with you and refer you to a Veterinary Behaviorist if the behavior your dog is displaying is best suited for someone with both an animal behavior and medical degree.  While most trainers will try to take on severe aggression cases it is best to work on them properly the first time and have a true Veterinary Behaviorist work with the dog.



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