Commited Canine Package

This in person package is like a crash course, it covers a lot of information and is perfect for new or experienced owners looking to understand how dogs learn and how to build the bond between them and their pet.  We cover not only the basics but also different methods of teaching and how to read your dog’s body language as they try to communicate with you.  We also spend time covering minor behavior problems such as jumping, mouthing, chewing and manners while meeting people.


  • Eye Contact

  • Sit

  • Lay Down

  • Leave It, Take It

  • Drop

  • Stay

  • Recall

  • Place

  • Leash Walking

  • Release Cue

Also Covers:

  • Socialization

  • House Training

  • Crate Training

  • Handling

  • Chewing

  • Mouthing

  • Jumping

  • Manners and Proper Greetings

  • Relaxation Exercises 



2 Hours twice a week for 4 weeks