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In Person Training

One of our certified trainers will meet with you and your dog to better understand the behaviors your dog is displaying and your training goals.  We build a training plan around your training goals as well as our observations.  Whether you just need to teach your dog basic cues or your dog is showing concerning behavior we implement a training plan to get everyone understanding each other better.  Sessions are an hour once or twice a week, giving you enough time between sessions to practice the steps you’ve been given before moving to the next step of a behavior or cue.  

Dogs displaying reactivity or aggression will be required to learn some cues to help them learn how to manage their stress to avoid conflicts before we can begin desensitization.  Always rule out medical issues with your Veterinarian when a behavior change is seen.  In severe cases dogs will be required to meet with a Veterinary Behaviorist while working through training in order to begin the desensitization process.


Per Session $75

8 Session Package $550

      Good for dogs or puppies needing to learn some basic cues as well as typical puppy mouthing            and jumping

16 Session Package $1,000

      Good for dogs or puppies needing to learn basic cues and are showing the start of concerning            behavior

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