Animal Professionals Program

The Animal Professionals Program is for employees in the animal care field, this includes Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Groomers and Rescue staff.  This program is by invite only.  If we've delivered information on the program to your business or organization then you've been invited to participate in this program.  If you've heard about this program and have not received information please give us a call to see if your business or organization is in our service area and qualifies to participate.

We understand that we all go into the animal field because we love animals and want to make a difference.  We know that most of us in this field like to pick the more challenging dogs.  That's why we want to help you learn the most up to date methods to teach your dog new behaviors.  We're offering employees in the animal field half price group classes for their first class with us!  Fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get in contact with you to sign up and reserve your spot for the next opening.


- Puppy & Dog Training

~Group & Private Classes
- Cat Training

~Behavior Modification

~Pet Sitting

~Dog Walking
- Medication Assistance


Phone calls

10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Private Training Sessions

9:00 AM - 7:00 PM



Tel:  215-896-7326

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