There are two main reasons cat owners declaw their cats:


1.) Clawing items in the house.  


Now although this will definately stop the problem of the cat destroying your belongings there are a number of behavior management and modification techniques that must be done before turning to declawing.  All of which will cost you less then the actual declawing procedure it's self.


2.) Scratching people.


Cats who are declawed for this reason are often forced to resort to biting quicker due to their lack of claws.  If your cat is scratching it is best for both of you to work with a trainer to figure out why and properly resolve the issue without declawing.

Declawing Alternatives


Most people don't understand the process involved in declawing a cat.  It's often the first step taken when a cat displays unwanted behavior like clawing furniture or scratching people.  We're here to offer alternatives to declawing your cat.  First we would like to educate you on what declawing really is.  It doesn't matter the method used in the process, even if it's a laser, it still involves amputation.  Below is a video made by The Paw Project, please watch it to better understand the process.

Believe it or not cats can be trained and our certified cat training can help.  We'll come out for a free consult to see the layout of your house and where your cat is scratching.  We'll be able to give you some pointers on how to get your cat to scratch on a post or other preferred surface.  We'll even be able to teach your cat how to use the new surface.

Give us a call to see how we can help.  We may be able to provide you with some free information that may assist you.


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