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Our clients trust us for the care for their furry family members.  We are a team of professional pet sitters, who are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates. We take pride in getting to know your pets.  The goal is to keep your pet's schedule as close to their normal routine as possible.  We know it's already stressful for them to be without their family.  Keeping them in their home helps reduce their stress level.  As the years go by your pet really gets to know their sitter.  We enjoy coming back into homes and seeing the animals remember us and greet us happily.  We get to understand their language, what they want when they stand in the middle of the room barking or that the long, high pitch meow means the food bowl is only 3/4 full.


Our knowledge of pet care gives us the ability to care for any species of pet from rodents and pocket pets to companion animals and even horses and farm animals.  We have the ability to medicate your pet and even give injections such as insulin and fluid therapy.  We're also available for emergency sitting jobs as long as our schedules permit.

Amanda Stahmann


Amanda is a senior at Delaware Valley Community College. She's studying Small Animal Science and has been professionally caring for animals for over six years now.  She's taken the role of Lyons Pride Training's main pet sitter within the past year.  She has veterinary technician experience which gives her the ability to care for elderly pets as well as pets with special needs or on medications.  She's able to give injections such as Insulin and fluid therapy as well as oral medications, eye medications and ear medications.  

Amanda enjoys spending time with her Mini Australian Shepherd, blind Shih Tzu, Husky, cats, Python and of course her Fiance, who takes care of the gang when she's away.  Amanda has also started shadowing Jen during dog training clients to learn about behavior, canine body language and positive reinforcement.

Matt Stinson

Matt is an easy going guy who seems to win the hearts of dogs pretty quickly.  He's been sitting for Lyons Pride for a few years now. He does great with energetic, playful dogs.  He doesn't have pets of his own so he gets all his play and cuddle time in with clients pets.  He'll spend hours playing or petting on the floor if that's what your dog wants.

Derek Nordlund

Derek has been caring for animals for most of his life.  He cares for small animals and pocket pets as well as companion animals.  Cats and dogs really seem to love his friendly and playful personality.  Dogs and cats who are shy see him as a big teddy bear and warm up to him very quickly.  He also does well with fun, outgoing dogs who enjoy playing.

He enjoys photography and you may even get some nice pictures of your pets.  He also enjoys spending time with the pets him and Jen share, two cats and Kaylee their Shiba Inu.

Jen Lyons


Jen is the owner of Lyons Pride and the main trainer for the company.  Jen is a certified dog and cat trainer as well as a veterinary technician.  She's worked professionally in the animal care field for 20 years and has experience with numerous different species.  She only takes pet sitting clients that are special cases since it involves changing her training schedule.  She cares for fearful animals, animals who are harder to handle, exotics and farm animals.  She's also able to give medications including injections such as Insulin or fluid therapy.

Jen enjoys spending time with Derek, their two cats Nermal and Lucy and Kaylee their Shiba Inu.  You may even see Jen walking Kaylee in parks around Bucks and Montgomery Counties between clients.


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